Kingdom Alaria, suffers greatly from the newly opened breaches to the Drift.

The Skyfather's curse, 1000 years ago, has taken its toll on the humans in the region, a quarter of them died and some of them felt the anger of the old god as their flesh began to decay slowly – the afflicted. 

The leader of a criminal organization, Grimoire Kingtotem, is attempting to undermine the council of leaders and seize control. By his words: "Civil war is inevitable, I just want to make sure I am on top of it!". 

The ragtag group of adventurers is being blackmailed to serve under Kingtotem. Some of their families are held captives, others need new limbs from time to time when their old ones decay too severely. Time will show who will be the final winner of the conflict and how much of a winner…

Grimoire Kingtotem