Agwald Orson

Leader of the Red Lion Guild


This man has deep-set gray eyes that are like two windows looking out on an overcast sky. His silky, straight, short hair is the color of dark chocolate, and is worn in a complex style. He is high and has a muscline build. He has thin lips and large hands. Always wear the colors of his guild as a badge of honor.


As a young farmers kid Agwald didn’t look for much in life than the simple joys. He grew up knowing only how to do farm work and managed to find a wife that gave him 3 beautiful boys. One dark night the sea of stars darkened and a horrible fate came at his doorstep. A breach over his village opened and poured out the most vicious creatures from the Drift. Before the kingdoms army could reach the village the Crimson Horde’s managed to cull the villagers leaving him with a scar over his right eye and with only one out of his three sons alive – alive, but horribly mangled. His wife couldn’t take it all and fell ill – grief stricken from all her loss.

He wandered around the kingdom learning to fight and managed to gather a following to battle the blight of the Crimson Horde. “They might have been pushed back, but they are not done with us yet.” – His words echoed in a lot of people with losses, even automatons were moved by his grief and he founded the Red Lions, a guild for the people struck with loss from the Crimson Horde.

Agwald Orson

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