Linel Lemitu

Council of Leaders #1


This mystical old man has deep-set eyes the color of coffee with cream.
His luxurious, wavy, short hair is the color of black coffee with gray streaks, and is worn in a carefully-crafted style, a thick beard covers his face. He is very tall and has a graceful build.
His skin is china-white and has a wide forehead. His wardrobe is businesslike. Wears glasses.


He’s capable, savvy, sweet and perhaps a little too ignorant. But there’s more than meets the eye, not surprising for somebody with his position.

He was born in a successful family in a developed community.

He studied a lot and was very successful. After an astonishing adventure, he became an unstoppable in a outlandish world. He was appointed a leader in the council of the kingdom after a swift departure of the rightful king.

Linel Lemitu

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