Esil Neta


Slender elderly man with white hair and beard over a tired and pain-filled face. His black eyes looked young in comparison to him.


At young age he and his sister, Serosia Neta, survived together draught and onslaught, only to find themselves on the streets of Haven.
A mystic testing his new invention stumbled upon the two kids and decided to take them in. With his help the boy found his talent in the arcane arts and tried to help him develop it. His sister followed suit, but with her own art of combat.
In the beginning years of his adulthood he fell in love with a girl named Leonelis Vira and married her.
He started experimenting with the power of the breaches, looking for a way to stop them or close them, before they could do harm, but in one of them something went wrong. When he attempted to tear open a small breach and close it he felt his life being drained from him leaving him the husk of a man he is now. Somehow he managed to save himself, but even he couldn’t explain how.

Esil Neta

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