Lady Orlais Moreley

The kind daughter of a Lord in the capital city of Haven


This girl puts you in mind of a playful dolphin. She has wide brown eyes that are like two acorns. Her silky, straight, long hair is the color of gold, and is worn in a laid-back style. She has an athletic build. Her skin is white and soft to touch, has a wide forehead and small hands. Her wardrobe is elegant and preferely blue.


Born in a rich family in the capital city Haven, she had everything that a kid could ever want. Her father Lord Caraver Moreley was an inventor and was one of the brightest minds in the Kingdom. Her passion didn’t take after her father, she looked at the population and its deminishing resources and sought to help out with whatever she could.

Known to all as the kindest of the noblemen, she does all to keep the public fed and taken care of. Her demeanor toward the common folk is commonly addressed with snorts and not very positive remarks from her noblemen class.

Her family got their money from trading with the neighboring kingdoms with exotic goods. The briliance of her late father lead the family to more prosper and riches as he was also an inventor and crafter magical devices with unique purposes.

Lady Orlais Moreley

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