Leonelis Vira

Owner of Haven's biggest Tavern "The White Page"


Long, slick, black hair falls down over the slender body. Her pale skin could glisten against the moonlight in the star-filled sea. Her long arms end in small, hardened by work, hands. Her eye sockets filled with 2 emeralds that mesmerize anyone who lays eyes upon them.


Daughter of a Tavern owner, she inherited the business from her father. Her looks are deceiving. Her delicate posture might bring the idea of a fragile woman, but she is anything, but that. Fierce and idealistic, many people fear her and there is a reason for that and its not only her demeanor. Her husband is Esil Neta – the brother of the infamous Serosia Neta. Doing anything bad to her in most cases means ending up in a ditch.

Leonelis Vira

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