Salyeras Omnos

Judge, Captain of Haven's Guards


Blond, short hair almost over a chiseled, time-worn face. Expressive black eyes, set deep within their sockets, watch eagerly over the natives they’ve sworn to protect for so long.
Soft skin elegantly compliments his cheeks and leaves a heartbreaking memory of his reckless luck.

He stands seductively among others, despite his tough frame.

There’s something enigmatic about him, perhaps it’s his fortunate past or perhaps it’s simply his sense of honor. But nonetheless, people tend to flock towards him, while making up bigger stories about him.


A boy dreaming of fights and battling monsters. Some have dared say that it was a childs dream, but he knew better. His passion for glory and desire to protect had driven him to extend to new hights. He looked at his afflicted brethren with disgust, they were unworthy of the Skyfathers love and they got punished for it. His current position as a captian of the City Guard is a well deserved for his skills. He aims for a better devotion to the Skyfather and if he allows – may Lady Orlais Moreley find love for him.

Salyeras Omnos

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